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I'm on fire (cover)

Album out now  "To Cut A Long Story Short"

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"How can life be drawn?

How can life be drawn without a pencil case

I'm scribbeling, there's

nothing to erase."

From the song "Pencil Case"

How much does our own origin shape us? And to what extent do our decisions and experiences continue to write our story? For Hamburg-based musician Van Deyk, the search for identity is the force behind his artistic work. He explores his life with an optimistic drive. And that's why his complex, epic pop songs are not only infused with high intensity, but also with a fine lightness.


It’s about really experiencing happy moments. The chemistry between two people. The power of the sea. The feeling of being part of something bigger. "I want to consciously enjoy such moments. Including how I have to let them go afterwards. That's okay," Van Deyk says. "Because, after all, the positive feeling continues to reverberate within me."


10.April 2024 - Theater im Pädagog (Darmstadt) w/ Caroline Cotter (U.S.A.) - (Solo show) - Tickets
13.April 2024 - Nio House (Frankfurt) - (Solo show) -
admission free
30.April 2024 - Schloss in den Mai, Eutin - (Trio show) - Tickets
22.Mai 2024 - Band&Bulette (Hamburg) - (Full band show - four piece) - Tickets





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